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RAD8060HW Hooked Wire Steel Fibre


Hooked end hard-drawn wire fibres (glued), conforming to the provisions, ASTM A820 KS D1652 & KS BOB02.Type 1. The RAD8060HW has an extensive history within the construction industry. It is well recognized for its crack management behavior in concrete.

Diameter 0.75mm x length 60mm,  Aspect Ratio = 80,  Tensile Strength = 1100 MPa.

Profile: RAD8060HW Profile

Ideal for concrete slabs under constant loads.

Technical Information:

  • RAD8060HWGlued hooked end fibre
  • Diameter 0.75mm x length 60mm
  • Aspect ratio = 80.00
  • Tensile Strength = 1100 Mpa+
  • Ideal for ground slabs

Chemical Composition (%):

Raw material: SWRM 6A Wire

  • C- Max 0.10%
  • Mn- Max 0.50 %
  • Si- Max 0.10 %
  • P- Max 0.04 %
  • S- Max 0.05 %


  • Ideal for concrete slabs under constant loads.
  • Packed in 10kg paper bags (1000kg per pallet wrapped & strapped).
  • Allow 3 to 5 minutes at mixing speed for fibres to disperse evenly throughout matrix.
  • Can be added to the mix at any stage during batching.
  • Store under cover protected from the weather.
  • The RAD8060HW is a glued fibre allowing for even dispersion through the matrix, insuring no balling or pumping problems occur.


Product Brochure     Safety Datasheet

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