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RAD12PP Micro Mono Filament Synthetic Fibres


The Radmix RAD12pp are a fine mono-filament polypropylene fibre that provides crack control while concrete is in it's elastic state. When added to concrete the fibre will significantly reduce plastic cracking and explosive spalling during fires.

Cost effective method of fire protection for concrete structures.

Technical Information:

  • RAD19PP & RAD12PPMaterial Polypropylene
  • Colour Milky White
  • Odorless
  • Melting point 150-170˚c
  • Specific Gravity 0.91
  • Viscosity 100 PaS at Celsius 100 1/s
  • Fiber Length 12mm
  • Fibre Type Mono - Filament
  • Packaging 300 grams to 1.2 Kilo Bags
  • Electrical Conductivity Low
  • Moisture Content 0.0%
  • Standard Dosage 0.9 Kg - 2Kg
  • Alkali resistance excellent

Plastic Shrinkage Cracking:

While concrete is in it's elastic state a significant amount of stress is present due to rapid evaporation of the water content within the mix. While the concrete is curing, it's ability to adhere to bar or mesh type reinforcing is impaired causing the matrix to slip over the reinforcing, thus significantly increasing the risk of cracking. The RAD12pp is distributed evenly throughout the mix and aids in binding the concrete together in the early curing stages maximising crack control.

Description of Spalling:

The heating of a concrete structure as a result of fire is a serious concern as any retained moisture within the concrete causes expansion resulting in smaller pieces of concrete to explode from the surface. This process repeats itself during the fire causing significant damage to the structure. During a fire the Spalling process can start within the first 15 minutes with a surface temperature of just 200 degrees Celsius.

Benefits in Case of Fires:

At 160 degrees Celcius the fibres melt creating a vast number of voids allowing the retained moisture to escape in a non destructive manner, significantly reducing any increase in pressure within the concrete structure. Adding 1 kg of RAD12pp to a cubic metre of concrete is a very cost effective method of fire protection for concrete structures.


Product Brochure     Safety Datasheet

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