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Radmix Expands Fibre Range

February 23, 2010

Radmix has announced expansions to its world class concrete reinforcement product range, with new Synthetic and Steel fibre enhancements.  Through extensive research and proven testing the new fibre releases will serve in a number of different applications, providing unique tangible benefits.

The new RAD19FF fibrillated (correlated) synthetic fibre and RAD19MF micro mono-filament synthetic fibre (superseding the highly successful RAD19PP), significantly reduces plastic cracking and explosive spalling during fires.

Radmix also welcomes the inclusion of RADPAVE35 hooked end hard-drawn steel wire fibre, ideally suited for pavement applications.

RAD19FF, RAD19MF and RADPAVE35 are now available for immediate purchase and build on the strong technological advances of their previous versions.

About Radmix

Founded in 2001 Radmix is a worldwide leader in the manufacturer of Steel and Synthetic fibres and has manufacturing partners located throughout the world providing a global ordering network.  Radmix product is utilised by such leading companies as BASF, BHP and Rio Tinto for a diverse range of medium to large scale construction projects worldwide.

Media Contact

Raymond Desmond
Chairman, Radmix
+61 8 9407 5233