Partnering with you to build and maintain your Fibre Manufacturing Plant

Radmix™ is pleased to offer its Fibre Plant Manufacturing Solution to potential partners worldwide (details below). Please scroll down to view the Frequently Asked Questions on this solution. We welcome interested parties to contact us, a Radmix™ representative will answer all requests quickly and start you on the road to profitability.

Product Testing in the Manufacturing PlantRadmix™ Fibre Manufacturing Plant

Includes the following equipment and processes:

  1. Consultation on developing a business plan for your proposed Plant.
  2. Building & Supply of Radmix™ Machinery based on the business plan.
  3. Training & exchange of Fibre Technology knowledge to Partners key personnel.
  4. Ongoing consultation in managing and marketing the Fibre Manufacturing Plant.
  5. Maintenance of Radmix™ Equipment under a predefined schedule.
  6. Assistance in selling Fibres produced by the partner to their defined region.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Radmix™ Partner and produce Fibres?
Start by filling out the contact form here and will contact you with further information.

How can a Turnkey operation be profitable?

Radmix™ Partners are involved in a downstream operation which yields a higher profitability than standard manufacturing of this nature. Due to the advanced design of the Radmix™ Machinery and the low running and maintenance costs, Radmix™ Partners should see more than average return on investment.

How does Radmix™ aid me in establishing and operating a turnkey operation?

Radmix™ would establish an ongoing partnership, building and supplying machinery, as well as offering knowledge and marketing expertise under contract. Our goal will be to establish the Radmix™ Partner as the major supplier of steel fibres in the region and maintain high profitability.

What types of Fibres do Radmix™ Machinery produce?

Radmix produces slit sheet, wire and stainless steel fibres and a range of synthetic. Our machines can be easily reconfigured to produce different shapes and size fibres for specific project needs.

Are turnkey operations exclusive in a region?

Radmix™ policy is that its turnkey solutions will not be established in a region that directly conflicts with another Radmix™ Partner.

Where do partners get raw materials from?
If a Radmix™ Partner is having difficulty in obtaining raw materials for their allocated region, Radmix™ will source steel. wire ir synthetics from its supplier network.

What is the market for the product produced by Radmix™ Turnkey Solutions?

Construction, Civil Works, Roads & Highways, Tunneling, Mining, Dams, Precast etc.. For a more detailed explanation see the question "How do I learn about Steel Fibre Technology" below.

How configurable is the Radmix™ machinery to produce a range of fibres?

Radmix Wire Fibre MachineRadmix™ machinery is unique in the fact that it can be easily configured to produce different shapes and size fibres, often in a 30 minute process by changing the heads and cutting wheel.